About ecoTruk

Y ears prior to starting ecoTruk, our founder was aware that simple, affordable solutions (appropriate technology) can greatly improve the lives of impoverished people.  As an organization, we chose to focus upon mobility since it was often overlooked. Solutions to  problems of access and market participation can have far reaching implications.  Cargo bicycles, in particular, can quickly change the landscape of poverty.  Easing  burdens and increasing an individual’s regional access to goods and services became our focus.
W e began work with bicycle industry veterans in  2006.  The initial focus was upon increasing bicycle availability and infrastructure.  The limited number of bicycles in some areas, their antiquated “technology”, and the absence of supply chains were easy to see.  However, we narrowed our focus to increasing the ability of a bike to haul things.  Designing a nimble and robust type of “cargo bike”, one that could handle challenging conditions and terrain, made perfect sense.  No such appropriately designed bike existed at the time.
e coTruk started simply…  a man, a plan, and a bicycle. But, could using a cargo bike be tied to an increase in income production?
The answer? A resounding YES!
Our founder, Stephen Wolff, has gone out into the field for many years:   “As an organization, we continue to be impressed by the power of  simply showing up and helping to bridge the last mile. Mobility changes lives.”