October 6, 2017
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Many use whatever means available, but getting produce to market is difficult. Often times, months of hard work spoils for the lack of transportation. When we introduced our cargo-bike in a small village we saw a significant increase in productivity, income generation, and impact to village life in general. Over the course of a year and a half we built relationships and also helped with farming– discussing best practices and trialing some high quality seed.

Common Overloaded Bicycle

Word spread, of course, as the village began to prosper in new ways.  While the group of farmers was small, they began to think through many other methods of increasing income and bringing benefit to their village. We believe that their example has helped to change the way that other nearby villages consider the bigger picture toward well-being.

Mobility Transforms Small-Holder Farming


Lessening the physical burden of carrying significant weights from field to collection point, will lead to better health. Time to market has been drastically reduced. Higher value sales due to field freshness and lower spoilage rates result in increased income.  The farmers have more time available to do what they do well and their children have a greater likelihood of regular school attendance.