September 15, 2017
November 23, 2017
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Some things are just simple… time and energy lost “footing” to school is often a deterrent to regular attendance. Particularly since so many children do not have access to proper nutrition or even regular meals. Even if they do get to school, their ability to concentrate on their studies is limited.

Enter the bicycle. Getting to school four times faster, with much less fatigue, can make all of the difference. Numerous studies have shown that simply possessing a bike for schooling leads to higher levels of literacy and basic learning. Completing primary education opens many more job possibilities and a brighter future.

Mobility Changes Young Lives

We love the story of Mike and his three kids. Mike worked far from home and had no transportation, he would leave very early in the morning and would get home late. Additionally, many days, one or more of the kids needed to support their Mom’s subsistence farming near home. When Mike had access to an ecoTruk he was able to drop his three boys at school and get to his job earlier… Mike could also bring goods back from town and make a little bit of money in his village.


In a very real way, increasing mobility early on can make all of the difference. Ultimately,  a university education is possible… .